I’m an image specialist with decades of experience in computer graphics, video post production and computer visual effects. I’ve worked in the background with many directors, agencies and clients within Australia and internationally on cinema commercials, television commercials, exhibition displays, stadium screen content, documentaries, short films, music videos, mobile phone content and a few family photograph presentations.

Although I am known mostly in the industry for visual effects supervision, 3D animation and post production, I have been adapting to the changing industry and I now cover more disciplines, from live action direction with a large cast through the entire post production process to a final master.

I regularly work with other directors as a VFX supervisor and post production specialist and likewise often adapt to take on one of the roles within an existing team on a project whether it be television or social media content.

I’m an ‘amateur’ musician, i.e I rarely get payed to play music, but I am well versed in sound which of course forms a major part in the entire emotional experience that moving pictures can deliver.

Below is my directors reel, which contains work going back to 2006.
I hope you enjoy it.

Director's Reel

“I’ve made a lot of videos.”